The property is located in magnesium tholeiitic volcanics and a differentiated ultramafic-mafic intrusive. The intrusive; sometimes called the Blue Blob, is a differentiated suite that ranges from anothositic gabbro to granophyre. The more felsic members have a strong pervasive dark green chlorite/calcite alteration with relict (interstitial?) glassy quartz grains. The green schist metamorphic mineralogy and locally pervasive chlorite/calcite alteration is overprinted by Fe-carbonate/albite/(sericite?) alteration. Gold mineralization (and associated gold depletion?) is an intimate part of the Larder Lake Deformation Zone. The Larder Lake - Cadillac Deformation Zone hosts the gold deposits of the Kirkland Lake, Larder Lake, Noranda, Cadillac, Milartic and Val d’Or gold camps. These camps produced 90,993,188 oz of gold.

The deformation zone includes: strong 080-090o controlling faults located within 50 meters of the base line. The deformation zone also includes three Riedel structures oriented at approximately 135o (marked by strong Fe-carbonate alteration), and quartz and quartz-Fe-carbonate veins (080-090o). These structures occur in the country rock proximal to the controlling fault structures. Other structural trends are inferred as shown on the maps.

South of the property; PGM’s are historically found in the country rocks including the Otto Stock. The Otto Stock (pink unit on Map 2239) is located to the south of the property. Pt has been identified in MNDM field mapping of Eby Tp. At this time; MNDM is giving consideration to an economic oriented study of ultramafic-mafic intrusives in the Larder Lake Mining Division.

The presence of multi-frequency MaxMin EM conductors within the volcanics, along the contact of the ultramafic intrusive and short conductors within that intrusive mark the Eby Intrusive as a priority study target. Approximately ¾ of this intrusive is within the property.